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What Steps Should I Take When My Heater Stops Working

You wake up one morning to an unusually cold bedroom. You come home from work and find that it isn’t much warmer inside than it is outside. You walk into your living room and realize it feels much hotter than any other part of your home. Whatever the scenario, it all leads to the same conclusion: your heater isn’t working. Continue Reading... Read More

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3 Ways to Tell If Your Heater is Energy Efficient

There are many things you can do to lower your energy bills in winter: Turning your thermostat down and wearing a sweater Installing weather stripping to prevent drafts Opening your curtains to let sunlight heat your home But perhaps the most important thing you do to keep your heating costs down is to make sure you have an energy-efficient heating system. Continue Reading... Read More

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Fall Maintenance Appointment Request

We look forward to getting your system ready for the cold weather!