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whole house humidifiers – bucks, mercer, Montgomery county“It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.”

How often do we hear that on swampy summer days, especially here in southeastern Pennsylvania?

And while it’s true that too much humidity makes things unpleasant, we need some humidity in our homes to be comfortable.

Low humidity can cause home damage, like cracking walls and woodwork. It can make us sick, as cold and flu viruses thrive in low humidity. And it can raise our energy bills. A home with low humidity feels cold, leading you to turn up your thermostat.

That’s where a whole-home humidifier can help, delivering the ideal level of moisture to your home and cutting back on the negative effects of dry air.

During frigid winters and in dry, hot places,  whole-home humidifiers can make your home more comfortable by adding moisture to the dry indoor air. We offer American Standard, Honeywell, and Aprilaire humidifiers.

All Seasons Comfort Control installs and services whole-home humidifiers. Contact us today to learn more. And if you already use our services for your HVAC equipment, we can install a humidifier the next time we visit.

Can a whole-home humidifier benefit my health?

During winter, the humidity level in your home can drop as low as 15%, which can negatively affect your health. Viruses thrive in dry environments, so installing a whole house humidifier is one way to prevent illness during cold months.

Will a whole-home humidifier lower my energy bill?

A comfortable humidity level (generally between 30-50%) can make your home feel warmer even when the air temperature is cold. A whole-home humidifier will keep your home warm, so you won’t have to crank up the thermostat on cold days.

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