Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Heating and Cooling

Indoor Units

Create personal comfort zones with indoor units

Control the temperature of any part of your home with the help of ductless models, which come in wall, floor, and ceiling-mounted options. Ducted options are available for larger or smaller zone conditioning. You can fine-tune your comfort while also saving money by just cooling or heating the spaces you use.


Slender, wall-mounted units provide personalized comfort control in any room. Deluxe wall units are available with a wealth of energy saving features.

Mitsubishi M-Series


Ideal for areas that are smaller or don’t have as much wall space. (Multi-zone applications only). M-SERIES Perfect for attics, sunrooms and rooms with low walls.

Mitsubishi MFZ_Series

Ceiling-recessed Cassette

Wider 4-way airflow pattern for better air distribution in a less obtrusive style.

Mitsubishi Ceiling-recessed Cassette


Provides low-profile comfort and efficiency while staying out of sight. Perfect for master bedrooms, baths, additions, rooms with attics. Soffit or crawl space available for bedrooms, offices, basements, sunrooms and additions.

Mitsubishi Horizontal-Ducted


The perfect solution for larger zones or the entire floor. (Multi-zone applications only).

Mitsubishi-multiposition-ducted unit

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