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Are you paying too much for heating and cooling?

Don't pay too much for heating and cooling invest in a ductless system from Mitsubishi.Why pay to cool and heat your home year-round when you only live in a few rooms at a time? With Mitsubishi Electric, you can actively condition only the rooms you spend time in while cutting energy costs for the rooms you don’t use. In addition, Mitsubishi Electric’s INVERTER-driven compressors automatically adjust themselves as conditions change, to deliver optimal comfort while only using the energy you need.

•  INVERTER-driven heating performance offers more efficiency and is more effective than traditional heat pumps.

•  Cooling is up to 40 percent more efficient than standard systems.

• Single and multi-zone systems can fit in any room or heat and cool your entire home.

• Options include more than 30 ENERGY STAR® certified systems.

Let All Seasons Comfort Control help you with your hot and cold spots in your home.Problems with Hot or Cold Rooms?

Nearly three quarters of all American homes have a room that gets too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, according to the American Comfort Home Study. This is a widespread problem with ducted forced air systems — one that can be solved quite simply with a Mitsubishi Electric system.

This system includes:

• A wireless control unit that adjusts after sensing the temperature throughout the room.

• Easy installation – a trained HVAC professional just mount the units, connects the refrigerant lines and makes a few electrical connections. No ductwork required, meaning fast installation without renovations.

• Options for single rooms, multiple rooms or your entire home.

Mitsubishi Electric ductless solutions only require a 3-inch opening to allow for two refrigerant lines, control wiring and electrical connections.Renovations and New Home Solutions

Do you want a comfortable living space, but worry you’ll have to renovate your home to include ductwork?

Mitsubishi Electric ductless solutions require only a 3-inch opening to allow for two refrigerant lines, control wiring and electrical connections. It’s an ideal solution whether you’ve just added onto your property, renovated a bedroom or office space, or want to add heating or cooling for a garage, basement workshop or studio. And it’s a lifesaver if your home can’t accommodate ductwork.

Features include:

•  Outdoor units that come in a wide range of capacities, are compact and easy to install and camouflage.

• Attractive enclosures can beautify, while also and protect outside refrigerant and electric lines.

• Indoor units can be installed anywhere in the room.

Mitsubishi heating and cooling units help greatly reduce allergens.Allergens and Odor Solutions

A room isn’t truly comfortable unless you can breathe comfortably. That’s why Mitsubishi Electric HVAC systems use a sophisticated multi-part filter system to cleanse the air of odors, allergens, viruses and bacteria.

• Hybrid filter absorbs odor-causing gases.

• Blue-enzyme, anti-allergen filter on select models reduces germs, bacteria and viruses while helping trap dust, pollens, mites and other particles that plague allergy sufferers.

• Filters are easy to clean and maintain —you can do it in minutes, and with regular cleaning, they’ll last 10 years.

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