Why A Working HVAC System is More Important Than You Think

It may seem like the wrong season to be thinking aAir Conditioning Repairbout heating and HVAC duct repair, summer is actually the perfect time to get a head start on these essential home maintenance repairs — especially if you’ve fallen just a little behind on doing your own preventative heating and air conditioning tasks. For instance:

  • Have you checked to make sure that your furnace is clean and properly adjusted?
  • Have you changed the filter in your HVAC unit at least once in the past three months?
  • Have you checked to make sure that there are no leaks in your air conditioning ducts?

If you’ve answered “No” or “Well, maybe…who knows, really…but um, sure?” to these questions, then you could be paying a much higher energy bill than you should be. Still a bit skeptical?

  • A clean and well-adjusted furnace can save as much as 5% on heating costs. Homeowners probably aren’t thinking too much about their heating bills in the summertime, but it’s better to be prepared and see if any repairs need to be made before that outrageous bill arrives in October.
  • It’s important to regularly check the filter in your HVAC system every month, especially during the winter and summer months when the system is getting a lot of use. Experts at heating and air conditioning companies suggest that homeowners change these filters at least once every three months, but if the system is getting a lot of use, you may want to change it before that. Otherwise, the filter will become dirty and the system will have to work extra hard to keep your home warm/cool. If you aren’t sure how to change the filter, you can actually go right onto Youtube or various Do-It-Yourself websites for tips and pictures of what to look for. A commercial HVAC repair service will also be happy to help you with this, too, if you’re having trouble.
  • And finally, it is incredibly important to make sure that there are no leaks in your HVAC ducts — and if there are, it’s important to get those leaks fixed ASAP by a professional heating and air conditioning service. Duct leakage can cause anywhere from 20% to 40% of energy loss from an air conditioning unit — even one that is otherwise is perfect working condition. And paying that bill would be anything other than fun.It’s okay if you’re not one of the more “D.I.Y.” homeowners who casually install and repair HVAC systems without any problems. In fact, most people are not like that at all. The good news is that HVAC companies are filled with professionals who are honestly dedicated to making sure your system is safe and reliable.