What is a Two-Stage Cooling System?

two-stage cooling system

Are you nervous about the prospect of facing another summer with a worn-out air conditioner?

If you’re thinking about AC replacement for your home, you may want to consider installing a two-stage cooling system. This is a method of air conditioning that offers better, more efficient cooling, but also saves you money without taking away your comfort.

How does a two-stage cooling system work?

A standard air conditioning system will only run at full blast. When you need to cool your home, you get an elevated level of air conditioning, whether you need it or not. Not only can this be uncomfortable, it wastes energy and costs you money.

A two-stage cooling system uses a compressor that runs at two speeds, high and low. These systems will typically employ a variable speed air handler to adjust the amount of air flowing into the home, making your environment comfortable while also conserving energy.

An air conditioning system that uses two-stage cooling will spend much of its time operating at low speed. This should be enough to cool your home on warmer spring days or the more temperate stretches of the summer. Even on scorching summer days, the lower setting is typically enough to keep your home comfortable.

When running at this lower speed, the two-stage cooling system operates almost continuously, meaning your air conditioning isn’t subject to a constant on/off cycle, leading to better dehumidification, stronger performance and lower energy costs.

The two-stage air conditioning system uses this ability to ramp up its cooling capacity to adjust the home’s load precisely when temperatures become too warm or too cold.

What are the benefits of a two-stage cooling system?

Increased energy efficiency and reduced utility costs are certainly strong selling points, but two-stage cooling systems bring with them a few additional benefits:

1. Better humidity control

An air conditioner that runs continuously will do a better job at dehumidifying the air. AC systems that run on short, strong bursts of air don’t have enough time to remove water vapor from inside your home, while continuous operation gives the system all the time it needs to draw in water and let it evaporate.

2. Added comfort

“Ugh, it’s like an oven in here!”

“Brrr, it’s freezing in here!”

Does that sound like you and your family? It might if you have a system that uses on/off cycling. It starts up with a strong burst of arctic air, leaving you cold, then shuts down, making your home too stuffy.

A two-stage cooling system operating on a continuous cycle avoids this problem, circulating just the right amount of air to make things comfortable in your home.

3. Extended lifetime

It’s challenging work for an AC system to regularly shut itself off and turn itself back on. Without the wear and tear that comes from on/off cycling, a two-stage compressor will last longer, particularly if you schedule yearly maintenance for your system.

If you need schedule maintenance for your two-stage cooling system, or if you’re thinking about AC replacement, All Seasons Comfort Control can help.

Our technicians are there to make sure your home stays cool, and that your system is operating safely and efficiently.

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