What are the Benefits of Inverter Technology for Your AC?

Imagine you’re running in a 10-mile foot race. (We realize you might be wondering what air conditioning companies know about running. Please bear with us.)

You’re at the starting line, the whistle blows and you begin sprinting as fast as you can. You’re leading the pack…for a little while, anyway. Then your energy saps and you have to rest until you can run again.

Now imagine you’re at your next 10-mile race. You’ve learned your lesson from your previous attempt, and this time, you run at a consistent pace, allowing you to conserve energy for when you need it.

What does this have to do with heating and cooling your home?

Because the scenario we described is a good way to illustrate how inverter technology can improve your HVAC system.

An inverter is a device that changes alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), allowing your HVAC system to work at variable speeds. This means your compressor doesn’t need to be going at full steam all the time, because the current can be adjusted to the frequency you desire.

mitsubishi Inverter technology

To use another analogy that seems to be popular among air conditioning companies, an inverter functions sort of like the accelerator in your car.

When the compressor in your system needs more power, the inverter essentially steps on the gas. Your compressor is always on, although it draws more power or less power depending on the temperature of the air coming into the system and your thermostat setting.

The benefits of this technology are numerous. For one thing, they use significantly less power, which means you’ll save on energy bills and enjoy better efficiency.

Other advantages to these systems include:

1. You’ll avoid swings in temperature

Baby sleeping comfortably because of quiet mini split

Inverters work to try to keep the temperature in your home consistent, rather than adjusting as the temperature gets to a certain point. That means temperature fluctuations are minimal, making your home more comfortable.

2. They offer quieter operation

Many older air conditioning units make a lot of noise when they power up. But with inverter technology, your unit will operate with significantly less sound.

3. You’ll need less maintenance

With your air conditioner needing to make only minor adjustments to maintain temperatures instead of working on a stop-start capacity, your system will undergo a lot less wear and tear and therefore won’t need as much maintenance and you’ll spend less time searching for local air conditioning companies to service your HVAC system.

If inverter technology seems like it’s right for you, contact All Seasons Comfort Control. We work with Mitsubishi Electric heating and cooling products, which an advanced, inverter-driven compressor technology that lets you enjoy consistent temperatures year-round.

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