The Benefits of Having an Attic Fan for Your HVAC System

Roof ventilation fan

Have you ever gone into your attic at the height of summer?

It’s like teleporting into Death Valley.

Temperatures inside your attic can surpass 100 degrees, and that heat can seep downstairs into rooms that your HVAC system is working hard to keep air conditioned.

You might have your thermostat set for the 70s, but the temperature at the ceiling may go well above 90 on a hot day, meaning you’re paying to cool the top of your house along with your living areas.

This is where installing an attic fan can help. Not only can make your attic more comfortable, installing these devices come with a host of other benefits:

iStock-586374382_RT.jpgA lower energy bill

A fan in your attic can reduce temperatures in that part of the home by as much as 50 degrees, which can cut up to 30 percent off your air conditioning bill.

Protects your home

In addition, it will keep your shingles and rafters from weakening and your floors from warping by preventing moisture from settling and forming condensation.

This even helps your home in the winter, when heat and humidity rise up from lower floors and settle in the attic, which can form dampness and frost on the wood of the house, causing mold and rot.

A simpler system

When compared with the rest of your HVAC system, an attic fan is simple. You won’t need added parts such as an evaporator or condenser. A fan just pulls in cooler outside air to force out hot air that’s invaded your attic.

You can find fans that have sensors that will turn the fan on and off when the attic reaches your chosen temperature. Most fans will start going when the temperature in the attic hits 100.

Solar-powered ceiling fansSolar vs. electric

Attic fans are typically powered by your home’s electric system, although you can also opt for a solar-powered attic fan. These fans come with battery storage that allows them to run for several days even when the weather is overcast.

Does your attic feel more like an oven in the summer? All Seasons Comfort Control can help. Contact us today to find out how we can make your attic – and the rest of your home – feel more comfortable.