The ABCs of AC: 7 Things to Ask When Buying a New Air Conditioning System

Couple shopping at home for new HVAC system

When you bought your home, you knew the right questions to ask: How much space is there? Is this a quiet neighborhood? What are the schools like?

But when it comes to buying new air conditioners, homeowners often aren’t sure what to ask HVAC companies. If you’re searching for a new AC unit, be sure you pose these questions:

Mitsubishi_Ductless_Outdoor_Unit1. What size system do I need?

You might think that a large capacity air conditioning system will provide better, more-energy-efficient service, but most reputable HVAC companies will tell you that’s not the case.

The AC system’s capacity needs to match the size and layout of your home. A system that’s too big won’t run as often as it needs to, and your home will feel muggy as a result.

An air conditioning unit that’s too small will cycle on and off continuously to reach the right temperature, which will add up to an expensive energy bill.

Technician Installing new air conditioning ductwork2. How long will installation take?

We recognize that you may not want to wait too long for a new air conditioner, especially in the height of summer.

However, AC installation is rarely something that happens quickly. There are typically electrical, ductwork and plumbing issues to contend with, not to mention testing to make sure the system works. You should anticipate the job to take at least a day or two, more if your ductwork needs updates.

3. If I’m getting a new air conditioner, should I also get a new thermostat?

Honeywell thermostatThermostats have come a long way since you first bought your home, but even if you have a newer thermostat, you may want to replace it so that it works with your AC unit.

Programmable thermostats give you the ability to schedule the temperature you want for specific times of day, while connected thermostats come with more functionality. These smart thermostats allow you to control the indoor temperature – along with your lights, locks and other controls – even when you’re not at home.

4. It’s a new system. Do I need to schedule maintenance?

Air conditioning maintenanceThink of it the way you think about your car: You didn’t drive it for a year or two and then start getting regular oil changes. (At least we hope you didn’t.) You kept your car in good working order by getting routine maintenance.

Most HVAC companies will tell you that an air conditioning unit is no different. Routine maintenance early on can extend the lifespan of your system. We’d recommend having it done in the spring so you can uncover any serious issues before the weather gets too warm.

Other questions you should ask include:

  • What is this air conditioning unit made from? (We recommend looking for heat exchangers fashioned from stainless steel as opposed to aluminized steel.)
  • Is the unit engineered in a way that prevents failure and minimizes excess stress?
  • What is the unit’s average life expectancy? A good AC system should last at least 15 years.

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