Six Things to Do to Prepare Your AC System for Summer Vacation

Packing for Vacation

Vacations are designed to be relaxing, but they also take some work.

Whether you’re heading to the Jersey shore for a few days or flying across the ocean for a few weeks, your trip is going to involve some level of preparation.

So let’s see…you’ve booked your hotel reservations, you’re all packed, and you’ve arranged for someone to look after your pets.

But what about your air conditioning system? It deserves some time off as well. Here are a few HVAC maintenance steps you should take before you leave for vacation.

Closing blinds before going away on vacation1. Make sure all your doors, windows and shades are closed

Even if you weren’t thinking about HVAC maintenance, you’d want to make sure all your doors and windows were closed and locked as a matter of basic home security.

But closing off your doors and windows can also prevent air leaks and improve energy efficiency. If you notice a more serious leak, you may want to try to get them fixed before you go on vacation.

From there, make sure all your blinds, shutters, curtains, etc. are closed. This will keep the sun’s rays out of your home and cool the building’s interior.

2. Put in a new air filter

We’ve written before about the importance of air filter changes, but it’s particularly important if you’ll be out of town for a while. Your heating and air conditioning system will be active while you’re away, and you’ll want to know that it’s going to continue to operate efficiently. And this way, you’ll come home to clean air.

Watering plant before going on vacation3. Look after your houseplants

In addition to adding some color to your home, houseplants serve a valuable purpose in terms of air quality. Some plants add humidity to the air, while others can make a space feel less humid.

Make sure your plants will be okay while you’re gone. Give them water before you leave if you’re only going out of town for a few days. If you’re planning a longer trip, have a friend or neighbor come in to look after your plants.

4. Adjust the temperature

Man adjusting thermostat before vacationThere’s no reason to spend money cooling an empty house, so turn up your thermostat temperature settings before you leave for vacation.

If you have a programmable thermostat, you’ll need to override the schedule you’ve set to keep the temperature at the level you want.

Don’t simply shut your system off. Keeping your HVAC system running will help you avoid heat and moisture issues. Setting the thermostat to 80 degrees Fahrenheit should ensure that your electronics, furniture and other sensitive materials stay protected.

5. Clean before you go

The last thing anyone wants to do when they get back from a vacation is to have to clean their house. You’ll feel much better coming home to a clean house, and regular dusting can go a long way towards improving your air quality and the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system.

HVAC maintenance before vacation6. Schedule professional HVAC maintenance

Before you leave town, you may want to have your local heating and air conditioning company examine your system. They’ll be able to diagnose problems you might otherwise miss and help prevent an HVAC catastrophe from happening while you’re away.

Does your HVAC system need a pre-vacation check-up? Contact All Seasons Comfort Control. Our experts can look at your AC unit and make sure you’ll come home to a cool, comfortable home.