Saving Energy in the Fall and Winter

autumn in Bucks County PA

Fall is here!

Well, technically, fall has been here since September 21st, although most of September and the first week of October felt more like late summer.

Then we woke up on this morning – it’s mid-November as we write this – and we could feel it. There was a crispness in the air, the humidity had vanished, and autumn had truly arrived.

Now that things are finally cooling off, your home heating system is going to be busy. But it doesn’t have to be too busy. Aside from having your heating repair and installation company tune up your HVAC system, there are other steps you can take to conserve energy in the fall and winter.

Sunny warm window

1. Here comes the sun

Keep the curtains on your south-facing windows open during the day. When you do this, you let sunlight add some natural heat to your home. Just be sure to close the curtains again at night to prevent the chill you might feel from the windows.

2. Making friends with your fireplace

FireplaceWhile your fireplace is obviously designed to keep you warm, it can also be a source of heat loss. Prevent this loss by keeping the damper closed unless you have a fire burning. An open damper is like having an open window.

When you have a fire burning, open the dampers in the bottom of your firebox – where applicable – or crack a window, leaving the doors to the room with the fireplace closed. If you don’t use your fireplace at all, seal up the chimney flue.

3. Preventing drafts

When the weather begins to get very cold, use heavy-duty, clear plastic sheeting inside your window frames to protect against drafts. If you still feel drafts after weatherizing your windows, install insulating drapes or shades for extra coverage.

4. Mastering your thermostat

Try to keep your thermostat as low as you can while still remaining comfortable. Lowering it a few degrees while you’re at work or asleep can save you 10 percent a year on your energy bill.

Talk to your local heating repair and installation company about having a programmable thermostat installed, which can make it easier for you to adjust the temperature.

Water heater thermostat

5. Lower your water temperature…and your costs

Lower the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a water heater that’s set too high can waste from $36 to $61 a year in what are known as “stand by losses,” or heat lost from the water heater into the surrounding basement area, as well as another $400 a year in consumption losses.

6. Use LED holiday lights 

LED holiday lightsBy using LED holiday lights on your home – or your Christmas tree – you can lower the cost of decorating your house for the holidays.

7. Keep your heating system maintained

Make sure you’ve called your local heating repair service company to schedule maintenance. This is especially important before winter arrives. Replace the filter in your furnace at least once per season, if not once per month.

Don’t wait until the first big snowfall to worry if your HVAC system is up to the job. Contact your local heating repair service company to inspect your system and spot any underlying problems.

For more than 15 years, homeowners throughout Bucks, Montgomery and Mercer County have called on All Seasons Comfort Control to perform that sort of expert maintenance to prepare their heating systems for cold weather.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you save on your energy bill this season.