Running Your Air Conditioner in the Fall

Looking out on warm autumn day

The calendar might say that we’re in the middle of autumn, but fall can be a tricky season.

Summer temperatures can often linger well into October, leaving us sweating when we’re ready for sweater weather, and relying on our air conditioning systems more than we’d expected.

In fact, that’s what we can expect this year, according to AccuWeather, with warm temperatures hanging around throughout the northeast for several weeks.

“While autumn may take longer than usual to arrive, it will be a picturesque season if forecasters are correct,” Accuweather says on its website. “Dry weather in the Northeast paired will cool nights will pave the way for vibrant leaves to emerge across the region.”

The idea of a picturesque autumn is certainly appealing, but until then, homeowners are faced with a dilemma: How do they balance the need to keep their energy bills down with their desire to live in a comfortable climate?

If you’re suffering through a sweltering October, use these tips to stay cool and avoid heating and air conditioning repair costs.

1. Go automatic with your thermostat


Most thermostats have two settings: one that keeps your AC running constantly, and the automatic settings, which shuts down the air conditioner when your home reaches a desired temperature.

When you have your unit on automatic, your AC will only run when it needs to, which saves you from having to continually adjust the temperature to keep up with the heat.

You should also consider raising your thermostat a few degrees once fall comes. Keeping it at a level that’s close to the temperature outside won’t put as much strain on your system.

Don’t be tempted to shut down your HVAC system until you need it. You might think this saves you energy, but you’re actually requiring your air conditioner to work even harder once you power it up. This can cause an early system failure and a higher heating and air conditioning repair bill.

2. Clear away your outdoor unit

Leaves on HVAC

Make sure you keep your outdoor air conditioner unit clear of fallen leaves, broken branches and other debris that might have built up around it.

This build-up can choke off airflow and cause your system to become overworked. The next time you rake leaves or mow your lawn, take some time to clean up around the outdoor air conditioning unit. (And be sure to read our blog post from earlier this year on concealing and caring for this unit.)

3. Become a fan of fans

Ceiling fan in livingroom

Using a ceiling fan to circulate cool air can help give your HVAC system a rest. You might find that by the time fall arrives, your fans provide all the comfort you need.

Fall is also a good time for regular HVAC maintenance. As most heating and air conditioning repair services will tell you, having a check up now will help you avoid having to call for an emergency repair during the dead of winter.

If you haven’t conducted autumn HVAC maintenance yet, All Seasons Comfort Control can help. Our expert heating and air conditioning repair technicians can examine your system and make sure it’s ready to keep you and your family comfortable, no matter the season.