Preventive HVAC Maintenance Can Have Energy-Saving Benefits

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How often does an HVAC technician visit your home?

If you said, “Whenever something goes wrong,” it’s time to rethink things. By scheduling regular preventive HVAC maintenance, you can make sure your system runs as efficiently as possible and reap some energy saving benefits.

Here are a few things your technician can do to help your system:

Dirty HVAC filter being replaced1. Cleaning components

As your HVAC system moves air through your home, it also pulls in dirt, dust and other allergens in with it. As time goes on, all this material builds up and causes problems. It chokes off your airflow, provides uneven cooling and heating and leads to mechanical breakdowns.

Your heating and cooling technician can clean your system, and let you know if they’ve spotted any malfunctioning components or other problems.

2. Lubrication

Like a lot of machines, your furnace has moving parts, which need to be lubricated. When this lubrication begins to diminish, it leads to friction, which can damage components. When your HVAC maintenance visit includes proper lubrication of moving parts, you’ll ensure that your unit runs more efficiently, keeping your home comfortable and saving you on energy costs.

Power level test on HVAC unit by technician3. Checking power levels

When your technician visits, they can inspect the electrical components of your system as well as the mechanical aspects. This means looking at circuit boards, connectors, wiring and heat sequencers to make sure your system continues to provide you the heat – or cool air – you need.

4. Valves and fasteners

If just one fastener comes loose, or one valve begins to corrode, your HVAC system could be in serious trouble. It’s not just an issue for older heating and cooling units; it can be a problem for any system. Your technician can check and clean these components during a preventive maintenance visit to help prevent a breakdown down the road.

iStock-466593213_RT.jpg5. Examining ductwork

Ductwork inspection should be part of any HVAC maintenance visit. Cracks or tears in your ductwork lead to heat loss, making your energy bills higher.

Debris can also collect in your ductwork, resulting in poor air quality. An expert HVAC technician can look at your duct work and spot problems that can result in higher energy costs, and suggest ways to alleviate any problems they uncover.

Do you need a maintenance plan for your HVAC system? All Seasons Comfort Control can help. While we offer four levels of HVAC service – platinum, gold, silver, bronze – with different perks, each one offers these benefits:

  • We’ll check your system to make sure it’s operating correctly and perform a general inspection.
  • We’ll check the thermostat for proper calibration, test and clean the blower, and clean, flush and inspect all condensate lines and pipes. A HVAC maintenance technician will ensure your HVAC unit is leak free, cleaned and working great.
  • We’ll clean the system and its accessories of dust, dirt and debris, check for and sale any air leaks, and make sure flue pipes are properly sealed.
  • We’ll make sure burner assembly, heat exchanger and ignition source are functional, and inspect and test system controls.
  • We’ll check combustion draft motors, gas valve operations, furnace protection devices, and test refrigerant pressures.
  • We’ll look for gas leaks, check carbon monoxide levels in your home and test your CO detectors.

Contact us today to learn more about our HVAC maintenance options, and we’ll get started on making sure your home stays comfortable all year round.