Newtown HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning Summer Services

newtownNewtown, Pa. is especially hot in the summer, making the service of your heating and cooling system essentially important for the comfort of your family.   Doing this will extend the life of your unit, saving you the hassle of paying for costly repairs that could have been prevented.  Furthermore, professionals suggest that abstaining from maintenance will cause your HVAC system to lose 5% of its power every year, potentially increasing energy costs.  In addition to the loss of power, coolant levels tend to decrease, as well.  Proper maintenance will ensure that your unit has the correct amount of freon which will help avoid certain operational issues, like lack of cold air,  that could cause an uncomfortable situation.


Newtown HVAC technicians provide several services to help you avoid these unwanted circumstances like:

• Complete system replacement

• Installation of a geothermal unit

• Professional and personal HVAC maintenance

• Financing with approved credit

• Free estimates

Energy Efficiency

Most professional heating and cooling technicians in Newtown PA advise that you should change your system, at least, every 10 years.  Doing this will guarantee that you have one of the most energy efficient models available on the market.  Manufacturers advance the energy consumption of HVAC systems, more, every year.  Nevertheless, the replacement of your HVAC system must be taken seriously, therefore, you should take the time to carefully look at all your options.

Choosing A System

Professional technicians recommend that you choose a system that best fits your needs.  To decide which system is best, you must carefully observe many factors such as: the existing system that is in your home, the outside environment in your area, and the preference of temperature that you have for your house.

Types Of Systems

Standard single-stage units are better for geographical regions that entail extreme heat or  cold.  In these areas, the single-stage unit works better at keeping temperatures at a more stable degree.  In addition to the single-stage system, there is an option available called a zoned system that periodically sends air or heat only where it is needed rather than throughout the whole house.  Moreover, there is also an underground system, called the geothermal unit, that regulates the temperature in your house by utilizing the constant, even temperatures that are found below the grass.

Local Maintenance

Regardless of your choice of unit, the maintenance of the system is important to the longevity that it provides.  Scheduling regular check ups for your Newtown HVAC system with All Seasons Comfort Control, on a yearly basis, will ensure that your equipment, new or old, has the ability to run efficiently.  Most , professional HVAC installers give free estimates to potential customers, as well as provide numerous financing options with easy monthly payments.  All of these services will protect you and your family from the unstable outside environment, creating comfort for your loved ones all year long.