New High-End HVAC Systems Save Energy!


There’s a rule in writing that you shouldn’t overuse exclamation points. As F. Scott Fitzgerald put it, it’s “like laughing at your own joke.”

But we felt compelled to use one in the title of this week’s blog post because we want to drive home the importance of having a high-end HVAC system.

Heating and cooling accounts for more than 50 percent of the energy you use at home, which is why a high-quality HVAC system can make a critical difference to your home and your finances. Here are just a few of the benefits of installing a high-end HVAC system.

AFUE-Rating diagram1. You’ll save money

Many older HVAC systems operate with an efficiency rating of 65 to 75 percent, which means for every dollar you spend on heating/cooling your home, you’re losing 25 to 35 cents.

But newer units have AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) ratings of 90 percent or greater – some get as high as 98 percent – which means you’ll have a system that quickly pays for itself.

You can find the AFUE rating for your furnace by checking its faceplate. If it’s not there, look for the model number or serial number on the furnace or it’s compressor. You can use that number to find the AFUE rating for your furnace on the manufacturer’s website.

Once you’ve done that, you can visit the U.S. Department of Energy website, which has a chart explaining how much money consumers could save with different furnaces.

It’s also worth noting that because newer systems require less on/off cycling, they won’t need as many big repairs – assuming you make sure they undergo routine maintenance. This means you’ll have a system that lasts longer than ones with lower efficiency ratings.

Finally, if you ever decide to sell your home, having a new HVAC system in place can increase the value of your home. It might even help your sale happen faster.

Couple comfy at home2. You’ll be more comfortable

The modulating gas valves and variable-speed technology and other features found in a modern high-end HVAC system maintain heating at a more even level and provide a more consistent air flow, while also offering better humidity control.

And modern HVAC systems are made with sound-absorbing material, which muffles operating noises. You’ll get warmth – or coolness in summer – and comfort with a minimum of noise.

House with leaf graphic indicating clean air home3. You’ll have cleaner air

In addition to regulating your temperature, the improved air flow you’ll get from a new HVAC system will lead to improved air in your home. It will get rid of impurities in the air, keep mold from growing and create an overall healthier, more pleasant breathing space.

You’re also help cleaning the planet, or at the very least, keeping it from getting dirtier. A newer, high-end HVAC system uses about a third of the fuel required by its older counterpart, and this translates to better conservation of resources.

If you think it’s time to install a high-end HVAC system in your home, turn to All Seasons Comfort Control. Our expert technicians have spent years helping homeowners throughout Bucks and Montgomery counties save money and energy and make their homes more comfortable.

If you’d like some tips on what to look for before purchasing a new system, click here to download our tipsheet.