Is Your Home Prepared for Winter?

Baby looking out at sibling in the snow

Winter is almost here. And while many of us will spend the next few weeks getting ready for the holidays, folks in the home heating repair world are thinking about a different kind of preparation.

We’re talking about all the things you can do to get your home ready for the cold weather months. From scheduling HVAC maintenance to inspecting your roof for leaks, there are a lot of steps you can take in these final weeks of fall to keep your home warm, dry and safe.

Ceiling fan set for Winter1. Flip your ceiling fans

Do you have ceiling fans? Do they have a reverse switch? If so, this is the time to activate them. Once you turn on the heat, the fans will create an updraft that prevents heat from rising, helping rooms with higher ceilings feel warmer and keeping your energy bill lower.

2. Inspect your roof

Head up to your roof and look for missing or damaged shingles, which can lead to leaks when the first big storm hits (or when the snow from that storm starts to melt.

Cleaning gutter3. Clean your gutters

While you have your ladder out, take some time to clean out your gutters. If they’re choked off by leaves and other detritus, you’re at risk for water leaks and ice dams. You may also want to add an extension to keep water away from your home’s foundation.

4. Mulch your leaves

Instead of raking your leaves, mulch them with your lawnmower, cutting them into small pieces that will decompose and provide nourishment for your grass throughout the winter. You can do this by mowing the lawn without the mower bag or by installing a mulching blade on the mower.

5. Wait to prune your trees and shrubs

Most plant experts advise that you wait until late winter to prune your trees and shrubs, just before spring growth is about to get underway. But this may not be true for every plant, so consult with your local nursery before you get started.

Caulking window for Winter6. Add some caulk to your doors and windows

Look for gaps between your siding and your door/window frames. If you see any that are larger than the width of a nickel, it’s time to apply some caulk. Silicone is your best bet, as it avoids shrinking and can withstand wet and cold weather.

7. Shut off your exterior faucets

Outside faucetWhen water sits in your pipes all winter, it can freeze, causing the pipes to burst. Prevent this scenario by disconnecting your garden hoses and draining whatever water is left inside. You can do the same with your lawn irrigation system, but this is usually a job best left to professionals.

8. Inspect your heating system

Scheduling a home heating inspection is something you’ll want to tackle sooner rather than later. If you hesitate, the best case scenario is that you’ll wind up on a heating repair company’s waiting list.

Furnace boiler inspectionThe worst case scenario is that you get hit with a major heating issue during a cold snap…and still have to wait for your heating repair service to show up.

Don’t wait for a heating repair emergency to strike. Protect your home now by scheduling maintenance on your HVAC system. All Seasons Comfort Control can examine your home’s heating operation and make sure it’s prepared to do its job this winter.

Contact us today to schedule maintenance. It’s a simple phone call that will cross one big thing off your pre-winter to-do list.