HVAC System Solutions for Comfort in Your Home Office

Latina woman working from home

Congratulations! You’ve decided to escape the day-to-day grind of your office job and work from home.

It’s a choice that offers you a lot of new freedoms, but also new responsibilities.

For example: How are you going to make sure your HVAC system makes your home office as comfortable as your old workplace?

Here are some HVAC solutions that can help you stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and breathing comfortably all year long.

1. Smart thermostats

platinum-850-control-lg-300x188You work from home, but that doesn’t mean you never leave the house. Clients want you to meet them for lunch. Your employer calls everyone in for a meeting. Your newfound freedom lets you run errands in the middle of the day.

Whatever the case, a smart thermostat is a great tool for workers who are always on the go. These devices allow you to adjust your HVAC unit from your mobile device.

So, if you head out to meet with a client and realize you forgot to turn the heat down, just pull out your phone and make a quick adjustment.

2. An air purifier

air scrubberWorking from home naturally means spending more time in your house than you’re used to, and thus being exposed to new levels of dust, pet dander or other allergens.

Regular dusting and vacuuming can help clean your air, but you may want to try an air purifier in your home office.

Even a portable device can make a difference, but investing in a whole-house air purifier will help you, and everyone who lives with you, breathe better.

Just make sure you change the filter in the purifier every month, so it works to the best of its ability. Read our blog post on air purifiers from last year to learn more.

3. Humidifiers

platinum-humidifier-lg 2It’s no fun trying to work in a space with dry air. We need some humidity in our environment to stay comfortable, and healthy. Cold and flu viruses thrive in places without humidity.

And while you can certainly install a little portable humidifier in your home office, a whole-home humidifier offers a more complete solution, delivering the ideal amount of moisture to your house and negating the effects of dry air.

4. A ductless system

Mitsubishi Wall Mounted HVACAlso known as a mini-split, a ductless cooling and heating system lets you send warm or cool air to specific spaces of your house… like your home office.

If you want to keep your office cooler or warmer than the rest of the home, this efficient, quiet system will let you control what happens from the comfort of your desk.

If any of these solutions sound like a good fit for your home office, contact All Seasons Comfort Control. Our technicians can work with you to install a cooling and heating system that makes your life more comfortable, whether you’re in your home office or just at home.