How to Deal with Temperature Swings

Snow covered HVACs

Winter and fall don’t always feel like winter and fall. Some years we find ourselves shoveling snow before Thanksgiving and doing our last minute Christmas shopping on a 65-degree day.

And at times like these, it’s tempting to switch back and forth from your heating system to your air conditioning to keep things comfortable.

But as any heating and cooling repair company can tell you, that’s an easy way to drive up your energy costs and put a strain on your HVAC system.

That’s why we’ve put together these tips for dealing with unseasonable temperatures without having to touch your thermostat. (They’ll also come in handy if you’re looking for ways to lower your heating and cooling bills.)

How to keep your home warm during a cool summer

Sometimes summer is so hot that you can stand to be outside. But some years, fall and winter seem to arrive early, leaving us shivering during what would normally be shorts weather. Here’s how to warm yourself up at home without running your heater.

  • Coffee on a cold summer dayDress warmly – Break out some of the staples of your winter wardrobe on chilly summer nights. Thick socks and wooly sweaters can make a big difference.
  • Food and drink – Enjoy some warm beverages – coffee, tea, cocoa – and warming foods like soup and oatmeal. The simple act of cooking can make your home feel warmer.
  • Blinds and curtains – Keep your curtains or blinds open during the day to let sunlight into your home but keep them closed at night to prevent window-related heat loss.
  • Turn off the bathroom fan – The steam from your shower will warm things up.
  • Run a humidifier – Humid air feels warmer than dry air. Just keep the humidifier at a lower setting to prevent mold.
  • Preventing drafts – Use weather stripping – or a DIY fix like rolled-up towels – to prevents drafts. If you have a fireplace, keep the flue closed.

What to do if your home feels too warm during the winter months

The notion of feeling “too warm” during the winter doesn’t exactly sound like a problem. At the same time, you may not want to run your AC during a January warm spell. If that’s the case, here are some things you can do to cool off without using your air conditioner.

  • Family playinng under sheetUse different bedding – Flannel sheets have served you well all season, but when a mid-winter heat wave hits, you’ll want something cooler. Switch back to the cotton sheets – or another breathable fabric – you use during the summer.
  • Switch on your bathroom fan – Keeping the fan off can help your home feel warm and switching it back on can have the opposite effect.
  • Open some windows – This will get a nice cross-breeze going in your home.
  • Fire up the grill – Take advantage of the unseasonable warmth by cooking outdoors. You’ll get a chance to enjoy a nicely grilled steak while avoiding having to turn on your oven.

Has your HVAC system been getting a workout thanks to recent temperature swings? Make sure you have it inspected by a heating and cooling repair professional.

No matter how cold or warm the summer and winter get, the heating and cooling repair team at All Seasons Comfort Control can work to keep your home comfortable. Contact us today to schedule maintenance on your system.