How Often Should I Change My HVAC Filter?

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It’s hard to understate the importance of the filter inside your heating and cooling system.

Not only does it keep your HVAC system running efficiently, it also helps improve the air quality in your home. The filter cleans the air that passes through your system by trapping and holding different particles and contaminants that can hurt the quality of your air, not to mention your health. These include:

  • Dirt and dust
  • Pollen
  • Mold and mold spores
  • Animal hair
  • Pet dander
  • Bacteria
  • Microorganisms
  • Lint and other fibers

As time goes by, the filter becomes full of this debris, keeping it from performing properly without cleaning.

When your filter becomes clogged, the air quality in your home begins to suffer and your system heats and cools with less efficiently, driving up your energy bill.

Changing HVAC filters: How often should I do it?

Your schedule for changing HVAC filters in your home can depend on a few different factors, including:

  • The type of filter in question
  • The overall quality of the air in your home
  • The number of pets living with you
  • The number of people living there
  • The amount of air pollution and construction around your property.

Basic one inch to three-inch filters should typically be changed every 30-60 days. But if you’re dealing with allergies, you may want to invest in a stronger filter or swap them out more often.

People who live in more remote areas – without many cars around — might be able to get away with changing their filters only once a year.

Some good rules of thumb for changing HVAC filters:

  • If you have a vacation home or live by yourself without any pets and have no allergies, you can probably put in a new filter every six months to a year.
  • The “average” suburban home with no pets should change their filters once per season.
  • Add a dog or cat to that home and you’ll need to subtract one month from the filter change cycle. You’ve gone from every three months to every two.
  • People with multiple pets and severe allergies may want to change their filters every few weeks.

How else can I improve my indoor air quality?

If you’re concerned about your indoor air quality, there are a few steps you can take to help you and your family breathe easier:

  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter
  • Invest in a dehumidifier, which can prevent mold and dust mites from flourishing
  • Install a whole house air purifier

Changing HVAC filters is just one part of making sure your heating system runs efficiently. It’s also something All Seasons Comfort Control can do as part of our regular HVAC maintenance.

We also sell the Air Scrubber Plus, a whole house air purifier that reduces up to 99.9 percent of the harmful contaminants in your home.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve changed your HVAC filters – or had a professional examine your system – contact us as soon as possible. Our experts can look at your system and make sure it’s keeping you comfortable and breathing clean air.

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