How Can I Retrofit My Home for an AC Unit?

ductless air conditioning systemIf you ever lived in an old house or apartment, you may have made due with portable window air conditioning units.

With temperatures rising, and summer approaching, those little window units aren’t going to cut it when it comes to keeping you and your family cool.

If your home doesn’t have its own central AC unit, installing one isn’t as complicated or costly as you might suspect.

If your home has an existing electric or gas-forced air heating system, installing air conditioning can normally be done in one day.

You should first have your ducts inspected. They may need to be modified to handle an increase in the volume of air your AC system will produce.

These modifications can include:

  • Sealing ducts to boost efficiency.
  • Increasing the size of the furnace blower to better move cool air. If the blower is too small, air won’t move through the coils properly, causing them to freeze.
  • Installing new supply registers that allow a greater volume of air to pass.

What if my home doesn’t have ducts?

If your home has a heating system with no ductwork – baseboard heat, or a boiler – the job becomes more difficult.

You can always have ductwork fitted in your home, although this is a labor-intensive project that will drive up the overall cost and length of the air conditioning installation. A second option is to install a ductless air conditioner.

A ductless air conditioner is made up of wall units powered by an outdoor compressor. It’s a wise choice for homes with walls that are too thin to support ducts, or if you’ve added an addition to your home. A ductless air conditioner system can take up to two days to install.

If you’re interested in a ductless air conditioner for your home, we’d recommend Mitsubishi Electric’s mini-split system. In addition to being an energy-efficient option, it’s intuitive, simple to operate, cost-effective and family-friendly.

A split system allows you to keep different rooms at different temperatures. This is possible precisely because Mitsubishi Electric’s system doesn’t require any sort of duct work.

Who should I pick to retrofit my home for air conditioning?

If you’re adding air conditioning to your home – whether that means installing ductwork or putting in a ductless air conditioner – make sure you’ve hired a reliable HVAC company that has expertise in working with homes like yours.

Make sure they are properly bonded, insured and licensed, and that they’ve gotten the appropriate permits to do the work.

If you’re looking for an HVAC service to retrofit your home for an AC unit in Bucks County, All Seasons Comfort Control is ready to assist you.

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