Why Hiring Amateur HVAC Contractors Is a Bad Idea – 3 Mistakes They Make

Finding professional HVAC contractors has always been a tricky job. Granted, they’re human, so they make mistakes. Some errors hurt the HVAC systems they install and maintain. Other mistakes hurt the customers.

Of course, professional and experienced HVAC contractors have successful businesses with happy customers. Let’s look at three of the biggest mistakes they make:

1. Amateur HVAC Contractors Tend to Rely on Outdated Knowledge

“This is how I learned it so this is how it should be”. Some HVAC technicians like to rely on things and rules that worked well in the past. But they no longer apply to the present. In a way, they refuse to adapt.

Heating and cooling systems have changed a lot in the past 50 years. The same goes for houses. HVAC systems are a complex technology. When a professional installs one, he will take some key factors into consideration.

Every house is different. It is vital the contractor knows how to calculate the heat loss and heat gain in the home. That’s what real professionals do. That’s what all HVAC contractors should do.

You wouldn’t want your home to be fitted with an undersized or oversized HVAC system, right?

hvac contractors amateur

2. Amateur HVAC Technicians Overlook Critical Aspects

We all depend on our furnace operating safely. Did your carbon monoxide alarm ever go off? Maybe yes, maybe no. It is a common occurrence in some cases. The real problem appears when the HVAC technician called in to diagnose the issues does a poor job.

The most common mistake amateurs do is checking only the combustion chamber of the furnace for cracks. If they don’t find any, they’ll assume that the battery on the tester is low. They’ll replace it and be on their way.

That’s a serious error. People’s lives are in the hands of HVAC technicians in situations like this, and a poorly-executed job can lead to a tragedy.

hvac contractors mistakes

3. Amateur HVAC Contractors Use Low-Quality Materials

A low price for the job is not always a godsend. More often than not, it will result in cheap materials and unskilled, low-cost labor. It’s not pleasant to hear this, but they’ll do anything to keep the costs low – even if it means doing a poor job.

There are tons of complaints from customers’ homes fitted with undersized HVAC systems for the sake of low-costs. Inexperienced contractors who are just starting out are usually desperate for a job. So they are submitting bids that are too good to be true. And they usually are.

Bottom line: Amateur contractors generally tend to reel you in by using fairy tale-like claims. 

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