Help! I’m Heating Rooms I Don’t Use

Man turning down thermostat looking at high heating bill

Imagine if you opened your cable bill and saw charges for a bunch of channels you didn’t get. Or you went to a restaurant and were asked to pay for food you’d never ordered.

The same sort of thing might be happening with your energy bill each winter, as you shell out money to heat rooms you’re not using.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can save money on your heating costs – and make your home more comfortable – with the help of a zoned heating system.

What is a zoned heating system?

Different zones to heat in home

With a zoned system, your home is divided into sections based on your heating – or in the summer, your cooling – needs.

Instead of a single unit heating the entire home, a zoned system employs a network of smaller, energy efficient units to send warm air into each section.

This allows you to save on energy costs, as unused areas don’t have to be heated. And in sections of the home that might get warmer in winter for other reasons – sun exposure, cooking – zoned heating allows heat from your furnace to be restricted.

Zoned heating also extends the life of your furnace by decreasing wear and tear, since your heating unit won’t have to work as hard to keep you warm.

It’s good not only for situations where you’re heating rooms that you don’t use, but also for:

  • Homes with livable finished basements
  • Homes with more than one story
  • Homes where traditional ductwork is either impractical or impossible
  • Rooms with big windows
  • Rooms with high ceilings
  • Rooms you’re avoiding because they get too cold in the winter.

These systems are also useful for families where no one can agree on the temperature. Rather than arguing over the thermostat, a zoned system can let everyone choose the temperature for their rooms.

When should I make the switch to a zoned heating system?

Ductless Minisplit air conditioner

We need to be clear: overhauling your HVAC system is no small task. However, there are times where it makes more sense to make this switch.

For example, if you’re in the midst of a home renovation project, consider modernizing your HVAC system. And if you’ve decided to replace your furnace, don’t just go with more of the same, which will only lead to costly and inefficient heating and cooling.

Instead, opt for a zoned system, which can use your existing ductwork but provide much more efficient and comfortable heating and cooling.

And remember that you don’t need ductwork to have a zoned heating system. You can place indoor units around the house – on your walls, floors or ceilings – based on your needs.

As Mitsubishi says on its zoned heating system website:

“No walls need to be torn down, and the units can be carefully placed to blend into the aesthetics of both the interior and the exterior of the home. They eliminate the logistical and cosmetic challenges that come with a traditional, forced-air system. They also allow you to experience room-by-room comfort.”

If you think you and your family are ready for a zoned heating system, All Seasons Comfort control is ready to help. We carry zoned systems from Mitsubishi, created to lower your energy bill and provide exceptional comfort for your home. Contact us today to learn more.