Give Your Cooling System Some Love During AC Appreciation Week

Woman enjoying her well air conditioned home

It’s fair to say that air conditioning has reshaped our world. Think about it:

  • It’s changed the way we work. We’re more productive in an air-conditioned building. Before AC came along, businesses would often see work grind to a halt during the summer months as their buildings became too hot for people to do their jobs.
  • It’s changed the way we build things. Virtually every home constructed since the 1960s has included central air conditioning.
  • It’s made us healthier. For older people, air conditioning is a necessity, not a luxury, during the summer. And the cool, controlled environments in hospitals have allowed researchers to make important advances in medicine.
  • It even changed the way we see movies. In the age before home AC units, movie theaters used air conditioning as a way to entice customers. It led Hollywood to start releasing its biggest budget movies during the hot weather months, which is how the summer blockbuster was born.

With all that in mind, you could argue that air conditioning deserves its own national holiday. And it has one… sort of. Heating and air conditioning companies just can’t seem to agree on when it happens.

We’ve seen the period between July 3 and August 15 described as “Air Conditioning Appreciation Days” on some websites, while other AC maintenance companies refer to the third week in August as “Air Conditioning Appreciation Week.”

We’re going to side with the Air Conditioning Appreciation Week people. Here are some ways you can show your AC system some appreciation later this month, and indeed all summer long:

Cleaning filter on ductless air conditioner1. Change your filters

When the filters in your heating and air conditioning system become clogged, your AC has to work much harder to cool your home. Change the filters every quarter, or on a monthly basis if you own pets or anyone in your household has trouble breathing.

2. Check your vents and your ducts

Look for blockages and vacuum them as well to make sure air can flow freely throughout your home.

3. Cool your home without AC

Ceiling Fan-1We’re not saying you need to shut down your system, but you can find ways to keep your home cool without adjusting your thermostat:

  • Use ceiling fans – set to run counter-clockwise – to circulate cooler air
  • Close your blinds or curtains to keep out the sun
  • Turn off the lights in rooms you aren’t using
  • Avoid using the oven and clothes dryer during the day

In addition, make sure doors and windows are shut while you have your air conditioning system running to keep cool air trapped inside your home.

4. Get a programmable thermostat

Nest thermostatWe’ve written about these devices in some of our wintertime blog posts, but a programmable thermostat can help you control your heating AND air conditioning costs. Set it to turn the thermostat up a few degrees when you’ll be at work or on vacation.

5. Conduct regular AC maintenance

Get your system checked by an AC maintenance professional. You might be able to take care of your heating and cooling system’s basic needs, but an experienced HVAC professional will be able to look at your system and identify more serious problems.

Do you need AC maintenance? Contact All Seasons Comfort Control. Our technicians are ready to inspect your HVAC system and make sure it’s in proper working order, so you’ll have air conditioning you and your family can truly appreciate.