Four Small Things That Can Lead to Big AC Bills

Turning on air conditioner

“Big things have small beginnings.”

That’s a line from the movie Lawrence of Arabia. In the context of the film, it means that a tiny group of people can affect great change.

But we began thinking about this quote as we set out to write about ac maintenance. Sometimes, what seems like an insignificant issue can lead to a major air conditioning bill.

To be fair, your HVAC system can lose some efficiency as time goes by. And when you’ve had a summer like we’ve had so far, you might be running your air conditioner more often.

Still, there might be other factors – things you can fix – that are driving up your AC bill. Keep an eye out for these issues and you might be able to keep your energy bills down:

1. A clog in your filters

Dirty clogged HVAC air filter

We’ve made this point before: you need to clean or replace your filters on a regular basis, either once a month or once per season, depending on your HVAC activity. Your heating and air repair technician can help you determine when the filters need to be replaced.

When your filters become clogged, air has a tougher time moving through your home and over the system’s indoor evaporator coil. This cause’s your air conditioner to work harder, leading to a higher energy bill.

2. Insulation issues

Attic Wall Insulation

When we think about insulation, we’re typically picturing a material that helps keep a home warm. But insulation is also an important factor in keeping your home cool.

Insulation keeps heat out of the house during warm weather months, which means your HVAC system doesn’t need to work as hard.

If you have sparse, outdated insulation in your attic, replacing it can lead to lower energy bills, both during the summer and in winter.

3. Vent blockages

HVAC air vent being checked for blockageIn some cases, homeowners close off their vents in rooms they aren’t using to better manage temperatures. And sometimes vents just get blocked off accidentally: Someone puts a bookcase or a sofa right in front of them.

In either case, this causes the air conditioner to run longer as it tries to cool the home. By keeping vents open and preventing accidental blockages, homeowners can prevent the need for AC maintenance.

4. Air leaks

It’s part of the lifecycle of any home: as the years go by, little cracks and leaks begin to form around the house, allowing warm air to seep its way in during the summer.

Window Weather CaulkingYou can remedy this by replacing sealants around windows and doors as needed and adding caulk to prevent leaks around pipes and vents. Adding weather-stripping to your doors and windows is a simple fix that can help you prevent a spike in your energy bills in the long run.

Do you need help making sure your air conditioning system is operating at its peak? Contact All Seasons Comfort Control.

Our AC maintenance experts can look at your system and advise you on the steps you need to take to prevent small problems from leading to a big energy bill.