Fall is Coming. Have You Scheduled Your Furnace Inspection?

You start your car one morning and notice a weird noise.

But rather than head to the mechanic, you try to rationalize. It’s probably nothing, you tell yourself. Then one day, that weird little noise turns into a big problem, and you’re facing a pretty significant car repair bill.

We’ve all had this type of experience, the major issue that might have been prevented with regular maintenance. It’s true for cars, and just as true for heating and cooling systems.

If you’re wondering when to schedule HVAC inspection, the time is now. Here are a few reasons why you should get your furnace looked at in the fall.

HVAC Maintenance replacing motor

1. It’s a chance to replace work-out heating components

With each passing month, the parts that power your furnace take on more and more wear and tear. As they begin to wear out, your system can begin to fail. But a professional HVAC inspection can allow your technician to spot these worn out parts and replace them, ensuring your system will run smoothly as cold weather arrives.

2. It makes you safer

A cracked furnace heat exchanger sounds like a serious issue. And it is, but not simply because of the repair costs. It can cause toxic gases like carbon monoxide (CO) to seep into your home, risking your family’s health and safety. A routine furnace inspection can prevent CO leaks, although installing a CO detector is a good idea too.

Dusty surfaces in home

3. It gives you a cleaner system

Wondering when to schedule HVAC inspection? It might be when you see a lot of dust in the air, no matter how much you clean.

When your technician inspects your furnace, they will most likely replace or clean the air filters. Fresh filters will do a better job at catching dust and debris and improve the overall air quality in your home. However, your filter should be replaced or cleaned on a regular basis, not just during your inspection.

The inspection is also a good time for the technician to clean out rust and built-up dirt, which form pockets that snare gas inside the system and cause hot spots on the heat exchanger.

4. It gives you a more efficient system

The more time that passes with your furnace uninspected, the more dirt and dust built up in the system’s components. That means your furnace needs to work extra hard to warm your home, leading to a less efficient system and – ultimately – a higher energy bill.

Platinum American Standard furnace

5. It helps your furnace last longer

Just like avoiding trips to the doctor might lead medical problems down the road, putting off furnace inspections can increase the likelihood of your system breaking down in the future. A professional HVAC technician will be able to spot small issues that can evolve into greater problems.

In addition, some furnace makers require homeowners to get their HVAC systems inspected as one of the terms of their warranty. Without a record of routine inspections, your warranty could be void if the furnace breaks down.

If you need to schedule HVAC inspection, turn to All Seasons Comfort Control. Our expert technicians can examine your heating and cooling system and catch any problems before they turn into major repair issues. Contact us today to learn more.

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