Don’t Wait for Winter to Get Your Heating System Inspected

Snowy day at home

For nearly every misfortune we encounter, there is also what we’ll call the “if only…” moment.

You lock yourself out of the house, and you say to yourself “If only I’d checked my pockets before I walked out the door.”

You get stuck behind a slow driver on the way to work and think “Wow, I wish I’d left earlier.”

Or your furnace breaks down on a day when the temperature won’t top 20 degrees, and you realize, “I guess I should have had a heating repair company inspect my furnace when I had the chance.”

This is a point that we’ve made again and again, because we’ve seen far too many homeowners suffer through a brutally cold stretch of winter thanks to an issue that we might have caught during routine furnace service.

Winter is still a few weeks away, giving you plenty of time to make sure your heating system is up to the job. Here are a few reasons why you should have furnace service performed before winter begins.

Technician replacing HVAC motor1. You’ll be able to replace worn-out components

As time goes by, the parts that keep your furnace going can wear out, which can cause the system to stop working. An expert heating repair technician can identify those components and replace them to prevent a serious system failure.

2. You’ll be safer

A cracked furnace heat exchanger can cause deadly gases such as carbon monoxide to worm their way into your home, putting your family’s health and safety at risk. Regular inspections can prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. (We would also advise installing a CO detector.)

Changing furnace filter3. You’ll have a cleaner system

When they inspect your furnace, your technician will likely clean or replace the air filters. A fresh, clean filter will catch dust and other debris and improve your home’s air quality. Filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly, not just during inspections.

The inspection can also clean out built-up dirt and rust, which can create pockets that trap gas inside your furnace and create hot spots on the heat exchanger.

4. You’ll have a more efficient system

The longer you go without an inspection, the more dust and dirt build up on your furnace’s components, the harder it has to work to keep you warm. This leads to a less efficient system and – eventually – a higher heating bill.

5. You’ll give your furnace a longer life

platinum-95-furnace-lg-1Just as putting off routine oil changes is bad for your car, delaying regular furnace inspections is bad for your heating system, increasing the likelihood that you’re going to have a breakdown. A furnace repair technician will be able to spot small problems that could mutate into a more drastic issue.

And some furnace makers require homeowners to have routine maintenance performed as a stipulation of their warranty. If you don’t have a record of regular inspections, your warranty could be invalidated when something goes wrong.

But with regular furnace maintenance, that “something” might never arrive. The furnace service experts at All Seasons Comfort Control are ready to examine your system and make sure it’s ready for winter.

Don’t get left – literally – in the cold this winter: contact us today to schedule your furnace inspection.