Don’t Make These Mistakes When Buying a Furnace

 American Standard furnace

Have you ever bought something only to find yourself wishing you had a time machine so you could go back and stop yourself?

It’s a phenomenon known as “buyer’s remorse,” often associated with big purchases like cars or homes…or home heating systems.

It’s something we see far too often in the heating and cooling repair business: People who’ve made costly mistakes when buying their furnaces, often due to assumptions they made about their purchase.

For example, many homeowners seem to think that all heating units are basically the same. However, most high-quality furnaces use unique proprietary technology.

AFreedom95Furnaces(Gas)S Vortica blowerIn American Standard heating systems, you’ll find Vortica blowers to provide extra air flow, and “Comfort-R” technology for better humidity control.

When buying a new heating system, customers should ask about what sets it apart:

  • What is the unit made from?
  • Is it engineered in a way that prevents failure and reduces stress?
  • What is its life expectancy? (Good heating systems should last 15-18 years.)

To help our customers – as well as our potential customers – avoid making these costly assumptions, we’ve put together this tip sheet on some of the most common errors people make when selecting a new heating system.

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And be sure to contact All Seasons Comfort if you have any questions about installing or maintaining a new heating system for your home. Our heating and cooling repair experts make it their mission to make sure you don’t experience buyer’s remorse.