Do You Suffer from Uneven Cooling in Warmer Weather?

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Do you ever come home to find your central AC not cooling your house? You’re not alone. Uneven cooling is a common issue.

Many homeowners discover significant differences in temperature from room to room, enjoying cool evenings downstairs only to toss and turn in stuffy bedrooms.

Uneven cooling in a house happens due to a few different factors, such as age, problems with your ductwork, or clogged air filters.

If you’re finding that your air conditioning units aren’t cooling your home, don’t panic. There are some quick, easy fixes to prevent this issue in your home.

1. Use your air vents

iStock-541869398-1_RTCheck your air vents to make sure they aren’t blocked or dirty. Dust/debris trapped in your vents, or furniture or appliances blocking a vent, can cause uneven cooling in your house.

You can redirect air to different parts of your home by partially closing some first-floor vents, which will redirect air to your upper floors.

2. Turn your thermostat fan from “Auto” to “On”

RTH9580WF1005-c1-3Central air not cooling your house? Try switching the fan setting on your thermostat to “On” from “Auto.” How does this help?

When it’s set to “On,” the fan in your system circulates air after the cooling cycle is done, which allows air to circulate in your home and create a more even temperature between floors.

But when it’s in the “Auto” position, the fan will only run when the air conditioner unit needs to circulate cool air and your outdoor unit is on.

Not allowing your fan to run can – depending on your furnace – increase your electricity bill by anywhere from $5 to $20 a month.

3. Look for leaks in your air ducts

iStock-508123941 2_RTIf you have a leak in your ducts, the cooled air designated for specific parts of your home seeps out before it can arrive, making your HVAC system work harder to make up for the lost air. If you think a leak in the ductwork is causing issues in your house, contact a professional to have the ducts inspected.

4. Insulate your attic


The insulation in your attic has two jobs: keeping hot air out and cool air in. If your attic isn’t insulated enough, you might be losing cool air, while uncomfortable hot air sticks around.

This can cause the upper and lower floors of your home to feel dramatically different. Make sure your attic has the right kind of insulation, and the right amount.

5. Use a zoned system to cool different areas

MultizoneThis is a much larger step than the other things we’ve mentioned, but it’s also one of the most effective ways to fix things if your central AC is not cooling your house. Instead of having a single thermostat that cools your entire home, a zoned system lets you control the temperature of a specific section.

The number of zones you have will depend on the size and layout of your home and your heating and cooling needs. An HVAC contractor can work with you to set up the best possible zoned system.

If you’re dealing with uneven cooling, or are interested in a zoned system, All Seasons Comfort Control can help.

We carry multi-zone systems from Mitsubishi Electric, designed to reduce energy costs and provide optimal comfort for your family, helping you keep cool this summer and warm next winter.