Debunking Common HVAC Myths

HVAC Myths debunked - HVAC repair

Over the course of nearly 300 episodes, TV’s MythBusters have debunked all sorts of popular misconceptions, like what happens when you drop a penny off the Empire State Building.

(For the record: the penny wouldn’t build up enough speed to embed itself in the sidewalk or cause anyone harm and likely wouldn’t even reach the street.)

Today, we’ve decided to take a page from that show and investigate some of the myths that are common to the HVAC repair world.

It may not be as entertaining as watching the MythBusters crew build and fire a cannon but knowing the truth about these HVAC myths will save you money and protect your heating and cooling system.

thermostat myths

Myth 1: You should keep your thermostat at the same setting day and night because it takes more energy to warm up a room than to simply maintain the temperature.

The truth: This is the reason programmable thermostats were invented. These devices allow you to set the temperature of your home according to the time of day. You can make things cooler when you know you’ll be asleep or at work, warmer for when you’re at home.

It takes much less energy to warm up your home when you wake up or get home at the end of the day than to keep the same temperature going around the clock.

hvac repair windows

Myth 2: You lose most of your heat or cool air through your windows.

Fact: Although you can lose energy through your windows, it’s more likely that most of your heating and cooling loss is due to poorly insulated walls, ceilings and roofs.

At the same time, making sure that you’ve fixed leaks around your window can drastically cut down on your heating and cooling costs.

Myth 3: The bigger your air conditioner, the better.

Fact: When you install a new HVAC system, it needs to be sized according to your home. Bigger is not always better. An oversized unit will likely cycle on and off constantly, which can make your home too humid and uncomfortable.

And an HVAC system that’s too small will have to run longer than necessary, which will cause your energy bills to spike. A good heating and cooling company will measure your home and analyze your existing system before installing a new one to ensure it is sized properly.

air filter

Myth 4: Our air filter doesn’t need to be changed regularly. At most, we’ll only need to swap it out once a year.

Fact: As time goes by, your air filter will become blocked by dust, dirt and moisture. The dirtier they get, the less effective your system. This can cause your heating and cooling costs to rise and lead to serious HVAC repair issues in the future.

And don’t assume that your filter only needs to be changed once a year. An HVAC repair technician who understands your system can best diagnose how often your filter should be swapped out.

Myth 5: Close the vents in rooms you aren’t using and you’ll save money on your energy bill.

Fact: Not only will you not save money, closing off vents can end up costing you. Eventually, your system will be thrown off balance, with pressure building in your ductwork and causing leaks.

hvac routine maintenance

Myth 6: I don’t need routine maintenance.

Fact: Skipping maintenance on your HVAC system is like owning a car and never changing the oil. Not only can regular maintenance extend the life of your system, it can identify serious problems.

If you’ve been avoiding maintenance on your system, don’t delay. All Seasons Comfort Control can help. Our HVAC repair experts can look at your system, identify problems and make sure it keeps you warm all winter and cool all summer. Contact us to schedule maintenance today.