Common Residential Boiler Problems

Gas Fire Boiler

It’s a conundrum faced by anyone who owns a boiler:

Winter is the time when you need your boiler the most, yet it’s also the time when – due to the added workload – common residential boiler problems are the most likely to develop.

This leads us back to a point we’ve made before and will likely make again: it’s important to have routine HVAC maintenance done in the off-season, whether you’re having your furnace or boiler checked before winter or getting an air conditioning inspection in the early spring.

When your HVAC system undergoes proper maintenance, you’ll have a better time heading off problems before they become too serious. In the meantime, here’s a list of some of the most common residential boiler problems you’re likely to encounter.

Evergreen McLain Gas Boilers1. Leaky pipes

This will depend on where the leak is. Pipes can leak due to age, or because of rust. Contact a certified Bucks County HVAC technician to root out the problem and fix it.

2. Strange noises

Are you hearing whistling – like a tea kettle – coming from inside your boiler or its pipes? This is what’s known as kettling and is the result of limescale build up.

Other times, banging/gurgling noises could be due to air in the system, low pressure or pump failure. You can deal with these problems by flushing the pipes. If the noises persist, consult an HVAC expert.

3. The boiler keeps shutting off

Again, this is one of the residential boiler problems that can have multiple causes, including thermostat issues, a closed water valve, low water pressure, or water/air mis-circulation.

Remedying this problem might just be a matter of talking to your water company to see if they’re doing work in your neighborhood (which would explain the lack of pressure). You can also check the valves that run your boiler for full or partial blockages.

Force steam cast iron boiler4. Not enough heat

When your radiators aren’t heating your home – or if they’re getting warm at the bottom but not at the top — you could be dealing with air in the system or rust in your pipes.

Bleeding the system can flush out excess air, while a power flush can clear away rust.

If you find that your radiators are warm at the bottom but cold at the top, you may have a problem with pump circulation, which will require a visit from a local HVAC technician.

5. Loss of pressure

Water leaks or broken relief valves can lead to significant pressure loss in your boiler. If the pressure loss is something that’s happened gradually, you can follow your boiler owners manual to learn how to re-pressurize the system. Otherwise, consult with a professional.

HVAC Maintenance man and a boiler6. The pilot light is out

This could be due to a loss of fuel, or because of a boiler issue – such as a draft or thermocouple malfunction – has snuffed the light out. Either way, leave this job to an HVAC expert.

You might have noticed a pattern here: Nearly all of these residential boiler problems require a visit from a heating and cooling professional.

HVAC work – or boiler replacement – is too important not to be left to an expert. And the experts at All Seasons Comfort Control are ready to help.

Contact us today if you’ve noticed any of the boiler issues we’ve listed above, or if you want to schedule maintenance on your heating system.