Cashing in on HVAC Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

You can save money on upgrading youtHVAC through energy efficiency and rebate programs..

Having an energy efficient heating and cooling system at home is good for the environment, but it’s also good for your household budget.

There are an array of rebates for energy efficient HVAC upgrades to your home. Making these changes can save you money and energy, make your home feel more comfortable, and lead to a sustainable future.

Here in Pennsylvania, homeowners can take advantage of the Home Heating Equipment Rebate Program, which offers rebates for non-electric home heating and water heating equipment.

What Does It Cover?

These rebates are for gas storage water heaters, gas tankless water heaters, oil furnaces, oil boilers, gas furnaces and gas boilers.

How Much Will I Get Back?

Rebates range from $250 to $500, depending on the efficiency of your equipment.

Does this program cover other appliances, such as air conditioners, electric heaters, washers, or refrigerators?

The program only applies to the type of equipment we listed above, and only to equipment that meets certain energy efficiency standards.

Why Does The Program Focus Solely On Non-Electric Heating?

United States Department of EnergyYears ago, the U.S. Department of Energy asked states to create rebate programs based on what had the most potential to give residents the greatest energy savings. In Pennsylvania, most households spend a majority of their energy bill on heating.

“Focusing on home heating equipment is how Pennsylvania can make the biggest impact for residents trying to save money and make their homes more energy efficient,” the state Department of Environmental Protection says on its website.

In addition, most of the state’s electric companies offer rebates on electrical appliances.

Can I Get A Rebate If I Build A New Home With Energy-Efficient Heating?

The rebates only apply to equipment that replaces existing, less-efficient heating systems. They do not apply retroactively.

What Other Programs Are Available?

Energy Star Rebate Program saves you money when you upgrade your Heating and cooling unit.

Pennsylvania residents who get their electricity from PECO are eligible for rebates on ENERGY STAR qualified appliances and heating and cooling systems.

ENERGY STAR is a voluntary program run by the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection that helps businesses and residents save money and protect the climate.

Under PECO’s program – set to expire at the end of May 2021 – customers can receive rebates on several different appliances, from HVAC equipment to refrigerators to washers and dryers.

Pennsylvania also offers financial aid programs to help people save on their energy costs. These programs include:

  • keystone HELP offers low interest loans, rebates to residents who make energy efficient upgrades

    TheKeystone HELP Residential Energy Efficiency program, which offers low-interest loans and rebates to residents who make energy efficient upgrades to their homes.

  • aJs5dUy9.pngSustainable energy funds, which are designed to create sustainable and renewable energy programs around the state. These are run by utilities such as PECO and PPL, although the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has oversight.

  • The Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Program, which provides financial aid and information on hybrids and other vehicles that use alternative fuels.

You can also visit the U.S. Department of Energy’s website to search for other tax credits and rebates in your area.

Even though it’s summer now, it’s important to think ahead. Don’t spend this coming winter sweating your home heating costs. Contact All Seasons Comfort Control to learn about our energy-efficient heating and cooling products for you home. We’re confident that we can find something that keeps you and your family comfortable, and keeps your energy bill low.