Where is the Best Place to Install a Programmable Thermostat?

Thermostat on center wall of home

So much depends on your thermostat. If it’s not working, or it misreads the temperature in your home, your HVAC system will shut on and off at the wrong time.

By installing a programmable thermostat in the right place, you can ensure proper heating and cooling. Avoid inaccurate readings by not keeping your thermostat in these places.

Air Vent1. Above air vents

Installing a programmable thermostat above an air vent will lead to erroneous temperature readings, as the thermostat will be the first thing to get hit by hot or cold air. The thermostat will think your home is warmer or cooler than it actually is and cause your system to waste energy…and your money.

2. In direct sunlight

Letting your thermostat soak up the sun increases your chance of getting inaccurate readings. Just as with air events, sunlight causes your thermostat to think a room is warmer than it really is, causing your air conditioner to come on too early, or your heater to kick on too late.

Hallway in home3. In hallways

You don’t live in the hallway. Neither should your thermostat.

A thermostat needs to be somewhere that allows it to measure the air temperature in the rooms where you and your family spend time and adjust the temperature accordingly.

But because your hallways are mostly empty, putting a thermostat there will cause inaccurate readings. In addition, hallways are long, thin spaces that restrict air flow and make readings more difficult.

4. In or near your kitchen

Your kitchen doesn’t need much help to get warm, thanks to your stove, oven and other appliances all packed into a small space.

Installing a programmable thermostat in or near your kitchen will make it think your home is much warmer than it really is, causing your air conditioner to come to life when you don’t need it. Every time someone cooks, your entire house can cool down.

And because your kitchen isn’t warm around the clock, it can make things even more confusing for your thermostat, preventing it from getting a proper reading.

Thermostat by front door5. Next to windows and doors

Drafts from windows might make your thermostat think the air in a room is cooler than in reality. And putting a thermostat near a door subjects it to constant rushes of air as people enter and exit. Depending on the time of year, this could cause your heater or air conditioning system to cycle on and off but never reach the right temperature.

OK, so where should I put my thermostat?

The best place to install a thermostat is on an interior wall near the center of your home and away from any of the problem areas listed above.

By using this method, you’ll ensure your heating and cooling system works properly and you and your family remain comfortable year-round.

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