All Air Conditioners Need Maintenance, No Matter How Old or New

HVAC maintenance in the rain

You’ve secured your financing, filled out the paperwork and the salesman has handed you the keys. And just like that, you’re the proud owner of a new car.

But what if that was the last time you checked in with the dealership? What if you waited until you’d put tens of thousands of miles on the car before, say, getting an oil change or rotating the tires?

We know that sounds silly, but it’s an attitude that we see far too often when it comes to heating and air conditioning service: Many people seem to think HVAC maintenance isn’t important for newer systems.

The truth is, all central air conditioning systems need maintenance, now matter how old or new. We recommend doing maintenance at least once a year, for a few different reasons:

1. Less maintenance means less efficiency

Freon refill

Your air conditioning system’s efficiency can drop by as much as 5 percent a year for every year that it goes without maintenance. After five years, you’ve lost 25 percent of your efficiency, which means translates to a lot of wasted money.

2. Your system will be susceptible to breakdowns

Routine air conditioning service includes a thorough inspection, cleaning and lubricating as well as minor repairs to the system. Without these measures, your system is more prone to malfunctions that can lead to a serious breakdown.

3. Your system won’t cool your home

An HVAC system that hasn’t undergone maintenance won’t cool your home as well as you’d like. Components that are dirty, dusty and unlubricated have to work much harder to do their jobs.

So, what does regular air conditioning service entail? Here are some of the things a technician will do during your scheduled maintenance:

  • Taping HVAC ductworkCleaning – As your system transmits air through your home, it’s also pulling in dirt, dust and allergens, which can eventually choke off airflow and lead to uneven cooling. Cleaning can clear these unwanted elements from the system.
  • Lubrication – Your HVAC system has a lot of moving parts which need lubrication. When lubricant breaks down, it causes friction, which can damage components. Lubricating the components will ensure greater efficiency, a more comfortable environment and a lower heating and cooling bill.
  • Examining ductwork – Your technician will check for cracks and tears in your ducts. These can cause you to lose heat, which leads to higher energy bills. And when debris and dirt collect inside ductwork, it lowers your home’s air quality.
  • Tightening fasteners and checking valves – All it takes is one loose fastener or one corroded valve for your central air system to begin to break down. This isn’t just a matter for older systems, as it can happen with any AC unit.
  • Examining power levels – Your technician can inspect the system’s electrical and mechanical components – circuit boards, connects, wiring, heat sequences – to make sure they are working to give you the cool – or warm – air you need.

Does your HVAC system need maintenance? All Seasons Comfort Control can help. Each of our four maintenance plans includes a general inspection, thermostat test, system cleaning and gas and carbon monoxide test.

Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance options. Whether you have a brand new system or one that’s been part of your home for years, it can never hurt to have it inspected.