5 AC Repair Symptoms You Should Check Into Before the Season Ends.

Laid back guy unaware of HVAC problems

Meet Nick. He’s a laidback guy, the type of person that tends to just let things go.

The “check engine” light in his car? Things seem to be running fine. Probably nothing to worry about.

The little twinge when he bites down? Everybody gets little pains. Probably nothing to worry about.

The weird noise coming from his central air system? Just normal wear and tear. Probably nothing to worry about.

Of course, this attitude always seems to come back to haunt Nick somehow, whether it’s in the form of a broken-down car, an emergency root canal or an expensive air conditioning service call.

Don’t be like Nick. When you notice these cooling system symptoms, get them checked right away.

Cheking for leaking refrigerent in HVAC1. Your system isn’t keeping you as cool

Keeping you cool is your central air system’s primary job, so it only natural you’d want to get this looked at. Reduced cooling can have a few different causes, including:

  • Damage to your ductwork
  • Overheating components
  • Malfunctioning components
  • A refrigerant leak

How can you tell if you’re dealing with reduced cooling? It’s simple: if the air coming from the vents is warm even after lowering the thermostat, you need to get your system checked.

2. Strange noises

These noises will manifest when your system is in operation and disappear when the system stops. They might be anything from a loud clanging sound to a low hum to an insistent buzz. In other words, anything that doesn’t sound like the familiar noise of your system when it’s in operation is a sign that something might be wrong.

Taping ductwork on HVAC unit3. Lower air flow

Let’s say your system is still sending out cool air, but it doesn’t seem to be as forceful as what you normally expect. There’s a good chance this means you have a leak in the system, or that cold air is trapped, causing your coils to freeze.

Causes of low air flow include clogs to your air filter – which should be cleaned once a month, or at the very least each season – or leaking or damaged ductwork. If it’s the latter issue, you’ll need to contact your heating and air conditioning repair company for help.

4. Short-cycling

Is your air conditioner turning itself off and on in quick succession? You’re probably dealing with short cycling. An air conditioner uses more energy when it shuts itself off and on than when its compressor is simply running.

Many things can cause short-cycling, including refrigerant leaks, an over-sized air conditioner, clogs in your air filter or electrical malfunctions.

High electricity bill5. A bigger bill

Our final warning sign is one that won’t be apparent from looking at or listening to your central air system. It’s the bill that comes in your mail. If you’re seeing an unexpected jump in energy costs, it’s a signal that your HVAC system isn’t performing at its best and it’s time for a professional to look at your central air operations.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs with your HVAC system, contact All Seasons Comfort Control. With the help of our expert technicians, you’ll know for sure whether there’s something the needs to be fixed or not.