10 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Summer


After months of gray, frigid weather, you’re more than ready for summer to arrive.

But can you say the same thing for your home and your air conditioning system?

The warm weather months can take quite a toll on your property, and your energy bill. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to make sure your home is ready for summer.

iStock-174868875_RT1. Block out the bugs

You don’t see a lot of bugs during the winter, but once the weather warms up, they return with a vengeance. Keep them out by making sure your home is properly sealed and consider spraying the perimeter of your home – along with doors, windows and baseboards – with a pesticide.

2. Protecting your entryways

Install weather-stripping and caulk along any holes or cracks that lead to drafts around your doors and windows. (This will also help keep bugs away.)

Programmable thermostat3. Use a programmable thermostat

Talk to one of your local air conditioning companies about a programmable thermostat (assuming you don’t have one already). These devices let you schedule your AC to kick on when you’re at home and take some time off when you’re at work or otherwise away from home.

4. Check your attic

attic insulationMake sure your attic is well-insulted to keep cold air from escaping once the weather gets warm. Wear long sleeves, long pants and a dust mask to protect yourself. Don’t wait too long to do this, as your attic will likely feel like an oven after an extended hot spell.

While you’re up there, look for animal droppings. You might have had raccoons or other critters nesting there in the winter without your knowledge.

Clean up after them (another reason why you should wear a dust mask) and make sure you’ve filled in the holes animals used to let themselves into the attic.

Kitchen with blinds down to protect from sun5. Sun protection

Protecting yourself against the sun is important, whether that means applying SPF 15 when you go outside or keeping the sun’s rays out of your house.

You can keep your home cooler by lowering shades/blinds/curtains during the day to block out direct sunlight, or by installing solar film on your windows.

6. Use ceiling fans

ceiling fan to keep air moving

Make things easier on your air conditioning system by running ceiling fans – or other fans – to keep you cool in the summer.

Check to see if you can program your ceiling fans to change direction in the summer. Having them run counter-clockwise will help circulate cool air. You can also take advantage of cooler nights by opening the windows while you sleep and give your AC system a rest.

7. Clear away debris

Double Split with ivy growing over it outside

Check your outdoor air conditioning unit for debris and overgrown plants. Make sure there aren’t any bushes, shrubs or other plants getting too close to the unit.

8. Clean your vents

Start the summer off with some at-home AC maintenance by using a handheld vacuum or shop-vac to clear dust from your vents. This will get rid of any obstructions that might be blocking your air flow, and make sure the air in your home is free of dust.

9. Replace your air filter

Another piece of DIY AC maintenance: clean or replace your air conditioner’s air filter. Check it about once a month throughout the summer and change or clean it as necessary.

10. Give your AC system a check-up

HVAC maintenanceEvery summer should start with regular AC maintenance from one of your local air conditioning companies. It’s better to have a technician diagnose a problem early on, rather than have your system fail during the dog days of summer.

Is your HVAC system due for its summertime check-up? Contact All Seasons Comfort Control. Our experts can conduct a thorough inspect of your AC system and unearth any serious issues before it’s too late. Contact us today to schedule your AC maintenance.