10 Tips How To Repair Heating And Air Conditioning

inside homeThe temperature in your home is a vital and critical part of the day-to-day enjoyment and comfort of your dwelling. Whether you are trying to keep warm or stay cool, having the best heating and air-conditioning solutions working for you can ensure that you are more than content with your home during the season’s most miserable seasons. Here are 10 tips on how to make sure you are getting the best service from your heating and cooling systems and enhance the cosiness of your property.

1) In the daytime during the summer, keep your windows covered to make sure to block the heat from the sun from entering your home. Your windows can let in heat that makes the job of your air conditioner work that much harder to cool.

2) In the daytime during the winter, you can leave your windows uncovered and take advantage of the sun’s heat as a solar energy to help warm your home and lessen the work of your heating system.

3) Regularly replacing and upgrading your insulation can greatly reduce the amount of heat that your home loses. Your older home can save upwards of 25% on your heating bill by making sure you have the best quality insulation in your attic and basement alone.

4) Use an automatic and programmable thermostat to set your temperatures to levels which are the minimum comfort levels in both keeping your home cool and warm. This leaves you with peace of mind of not having to constantly monitor and adjust your thermostat one way or the other, though it is a good idea to consider making changes when you are both asleep and away for an extended period so that you are not wasting resources.

5) By inspecting your home and sealing out the cold air, you can ensure that there is no extra cold air that is entering your home that would be making your heating system work overtime. This means while there is no cold air coming in, there is also no heat leaving your home. You can do this by stopping the drafts from your doors, windows, outside wall openings and baseboards and you can save up to 15% off your heating bill just by doing so. You can usually solve any air leak issues with such things as weather-stripping and caulking. A majority of lost heat comes from electrical outlets and underneath baseboards.

6) If you have a fireplace, speak to your chimney sweeper to ensure that you are not losing heat through its airflow.

7) Make sure there is no trapped air in your hot-water radiator by checking multiple times per season and change or clean the filter on your heater and air conditioner however often is recommended by the manufacture.

8) Planting trees and shrubs selectively throughout your property can offer shade in the summer months from the sun as well as offer a wind-barrier in the winter.

9) By installing Energy-Star windows, you can add to the amount of heat and cool air that your home insulates and can reduce quite a number of lost air throughout your home.

10) The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating (AFUE) is a great measure for the quality of furnaces and something to look out for when upgrading. With an air conditioner, the higher the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) is what you should look for.

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